Stainless Steel Products

Complete Solutions to all your needs. Stainless Steel Utensils for every household!
With varied applications, our stainless steel products are a part of your everyday life. With a strong team of competent professionals, state-of-the-art technologies, a leader with years of invaluable experience, we are the perfect combination for delivering the best quality product. High quality, innovative design, and perfect heat properties make us the undisputed choice across the globe. Enjoy serving your guests in the perfect sets of serveware every time you throw a party.


Deep Kadai with lid OR Casserole With Lid

Desc:  Pick the casserole that will suit your need!
Designed to keep your food warm, these durable and sturdy casseroles offer a hot meal every time. Ranging from different sizes and lid, each piece is crafted to last long. Using the lid brings the food to a boil faster, and you save time, energy and money.

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Bowl (Set of 6)

Desc:  Serve the elegant way! Offering durability and class, these bowls are a must-have. Easy to clean and wash, they have very exotic silver shining.
Stack the smaller sizes inside the larger of the same range, to save space when not in use.

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Ice Bucket

Desc:  Contemporary in style, useful every time!
Whether it is a small get together or a big party, this ice bucket can handle whatever you throw at it. It contains lid to avoid spillage of ice and a sturdy handle along the side to provide easy handling without a sweat.

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Spoon and Cutlery

Desc:  Spread the charm over your dining table with elegant cutlery set!
Cutlery sets have their own appeal and are a huge add-on to the dining table. Add elegance to your dining experience using the wide range of exotic knives, forks and spoons.

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Dinner Set (56 piece set)

Desc:  Exquisite style, for exquisite people!
This 56 piece dinner set fulfill your every need. It consist of glasses, plates (small & big), bowl (small & big), spoons (small & big). This set is beautiful as much as it is functional. An elegant statement for any table setting.

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